1-5582, Boul Des Hêtres Shawinigan, QC G8T 7Z7

(819) 536-0513

1-5582, Boul Des Hêtres Shawinigan,QC G8T 7Z7

(819) 536-0513


Offered services

  • 3D surveys of port infrastructures
  • 3D surveys of bridge piers and the aquatic environment
  • 3D surveys of dams and dikes (debris grids)
  • 3D readings of water intakes
  • 3D wells and platforms surveys
  • 3D readings for environmental monitoring
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Real-time construction monitoring
  • Surveys As Built (TQC)
  • Documentation of archaeological sites
  • Searches for object recovery
  • Surveys for the refloating of boats
  • Studies and monitoring of sedimentary dynamics
  • Ship hull surveys (contraband)